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Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Photo by Katrina Whitney
Cindy Molt -

Movement... I have been involved in the fast track since day one.  That's me, climbing towering trees, the fearless Girl Scout, pushing the envelope of speed in downhill ski racing, jamming elbows on the rugby fields of Western WA, or testing the waters with the Donzi.  I've always been on the edge of movement...

That same edge is what makes me create and perform as a designer.  All the elements of the fast track, the lines, succulent spectrums of vision and energy that is surrounding the moment to movement inside of my head.  I love design because it is natural to me, as natural as the trees, mountains, even the quick Whip City, WOW!  Now there's a side of me that gets the blood pumping to... Inspiration... I think in my next life I will choose to be a musician or test pilot, maybe a model, but in the life before me now, the grand design is at hand.  The challenge of surrounding the world in hip wondrous beauty.
Melodie Miller L.L.C. Design Team
"We enlist experienced, highly skilled independent brand managers, creative and technical designers, fabric specialists, product developers and the latest in computer technology to provide a full spectrum of design and development services for our clients."
- Melodie Miller, Owner & Design Director
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