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Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Photo by Katrina Whitney
Melodie Miller -
Design Director

I am an athlete first, before all else; creating outdoor apparel is my passion.  I live my life in pursuit of mountain slopes to ride; jagged rocks to climb; vast seas to kayak, and the wisdom to raise my two boys to manhood...  "God help me" to find that wisdom in the outdoors.

As a student and teacher of design, and a product development manager, I have always classified our real job as "Efficiency Experts" in pursuit of excellence in the apparel design field.  Apparel designers must be commercial artists that are dedicated to transforming intellectual property into matter.  All form must follow function!  All form must follow its intended purpose!  Clothing seeks to project your very confidence; confidence in your role as a human spirit, acting out your life on this planet.  What value is confidence; invaluable, it is everything!

Life is the adventure of the human spirit; a spirit welcoming challenge, opportunity, a wild ride.  I live for this ride; "Bring on Life, I'm ready."
Melodie Miller L.L.C. Design Team
"We enlist experienced, highly skilled independent brand managers, creative and technical designers, fabric specialists, product developers and the latest in computer technology to provide a full spectrum of design and development services for our clients."
- Melodie Miller, Owner & Design Director
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