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Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Photo by Katrina Whitney
Nikole Patton Rock -
Technical Designer

Continuity... It's a game I play.  In the dawning of each New Year I select a word to reflect upon, and to apply to my life.  The goal is to truly understand the word I've selected and why I chose it above all others... to see how it can enrich my life with new ideas or better understanding.  It's how I operate.  I have a passion for linguistics and languages.  It's a basic need to perceive and experience the complexity and richness that is life, and then to look for the structure that ties it all together.  Continuity... To become aware of the present, with an understanding of what came before; casting your decisions which determine the direction your future will take.  Whether I apply this to work in better understanding a collection, or to a decision I make otherwise, there will always be a thread of continuity connecting one thought to another.
Melodie Miller L.L.C. Design Team
"We enlist experienced, highly skilled independent brand managers, creative and technical designers, fabric specialists, product developers and the latest in computer technology to provide a full spectrum of design and development services for our clients."
- Melodie Miller, Owner & Design Director
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